to the Genetically modified foods discussion.

Hi, my name is Shaun Oster. I am a chef, programmer, jazz drummer/musician, and a father of a 6 year-old.

I remember 16 years ago, McDonalds responded to the public’s demand to stop using GMO potatoes buy pulling them from the product line, stopping a viral spread of the plant in the agricultural-farming system.

Now, somehow without us even noticing, a significant amount of staple foods have been replaced by new genetically modified versions in grocery stores, restaurants, even the seeds we buy.

The purpose of this site isn’t to blame anyone, it’s to open a discussion about what was genetically modified, why it was genetically modified, and how safe is it exactly?

I want the information on here to be refined by 3rd party knowledge.

Under each statement, you will notice a link to discuss the information about it. When you click-through,  you will be sent to a forum, specific to that ingredient.  This will allow you to contribute and refine any detail of what this site is sharing. I want you to submit ingredient-specific articles for me to consider posting for discussion on the main page! Likewise, if this dialogue is one-sided, if will serve less purpose in bringing truth, then if people are comfortable submitting counter-arguments. Don’t be shy!

These are just the staple foods that I feel are the most important to discuss and potentially avoid. Please open up new topics in the forum for other foods. To go straight to the Forum, CLICK HERE

The bottom line is I don’t want my little girl to eat food that will harm her. I hope you can use this as a resource for  yourself and your family.

-Shaun Oster, author of Soup Zen, Composer and perfomer of Doublehead